Saturday, January 26, 2008

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking out from makeup? Maybe it's your brush!

I know what it is like to respond to beauty products with skin sensitivities and allergic reactions. In fact, that's why I sought out mineral makeup in the first place, and why I stand behind a company with very careful limitations to our ingredients list. I had spent years trying to find a makeup I could wear without itchiness, breakouts or red, swollen eyes. It was so delighted to find that high quality brands (without additives and fillers) of mineral makeup not only prevented these reactions, but actually helped improve and heal my skin.

So imagine my surprise and frustration when, after successfully using mineral makeup for a while, I suddenly noticed some of my old problems starting to return! Was I developing an intolerance to these products as well? Very discouragd at the thought, I set out to research and experiment. Here is what I discovered:

Makeup brushes need to be washed regularly. If you are using your brushes on a daily basis, once a week is probably a good idea. Here's how:
- Find a gentle product (that you know that you are not allergic to!) like mild baby shampoo or, my personal favorite, a tea tree oil soap. Gently hand wash your brushes with just a drop or two of cleanser and running water. Continue to rinse until several seconds after your water runs absolutely clear. You may be amazed at how much product actually stores up inside your brush!
- Let your brush air dry by either hanging it upside down (without bristles touching anything) or lay it sideways at the edge of your sink so that bristles are totally surrounded by air. It is best NOT to stand your brush to dry as water can eventually loosen the glues that bind bristles to handle.
- You should find that a healthy habit of routinely washing your makeup brushes makes a huge difference in both the smoothness of your makeup application and the condition of your skin.

Taking proper care of cleanliness, yet still breaking out? Might you be allergic to your brush? While natural animal hair brushes such as sable, goat, pony are squirrel are generally preferred by professional makeup artist for their high quality, some of us are (or may become with regular usage) allergic to animals and their hair. I recently had to stop using my adorable and delightfully soft pink kabuki brush due to ongoing irritation.

Turns out there was absolutely no problem with my makeup at all, and the brush itself was wonderful, I just can’t tolerate goat hair! But I found a great alternative with the Kabuki Dior Synthetic brush, featuring top of the line taklon fibers that act and feel like natural hair. (Edited to add that since the original writing of this article this specific brush is no longer available, however we do offer other synthetic Kabuki brushes in our line.)

This 2” wide Kabuki Dior offers nearly 1 ¾” hair length (2 ¾” total length with ferrule). It is available in limited edition from by selecting the hot pink “Shop” link half way down the page, then choosing “Brushes and Accessories” from the product categories on the left.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

$10 Discount to Become a Consulant with Affordable Mineral Makeup

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Beautiful Woman Month

I can't claim any credit for this. It was one of those email forwards that has circled the internet several times over. I am posting as forwarded to me. I wish I knew the author or had some other means of crediting my source, but it fits beautifully here:

"Do You Know...It's Beautiful Women Month?"
....And You Are One Of Them.....

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed,
revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
Remember, if you ever need a helping hand,
you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands;
one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

Send this to all the BEAUTIFUL WOMEN you know!

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Plain Jane, Somber Sally and Superficial Sue

Have you ever attended a funeral for a "Plain Jane" whose features or body shape did nothing to capture the imagination, and yet everyone remembers her as beautiful anyway? It's that perpetual smile that does it. No, not the straight lines of pearly white teeth nor the lush, full, wine colored lips. But the infectious joy that continually starts from deep in her heart, shines through her eyes, and touches you to the core.

For all my efforts to "be beautiful" outwardly, in the end it's what is inside that really does matter. Some of the most beautiful people are ones I would least seek out as friends, for their beauty goes as deep as the skin and no farther. They will forever struggle to hold onto the quickly fading exterior, while character and depth of heart are overlooked. At their funerals, sure their outer glory may be mentioned, but it isn't going to be what endears them to the memories of their mourners. I would much rather be a "Joyful Jane" than a "Superficial Sue"!

So how does Jane stand out as beautiful? I think she knows the secrets of Proverbs 31, that Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God. - (vs 30, The Message). Not "fear" as in "run and hide" but as in reverent honor, in knowing He has the ability to snuff out my life in a single breath, yet trusting Him to sustain and guide me as a loving Father, step by step. If I'm living in this kind of relationship with Him, I will be making each choice with a heart for what would bring Him glory rather than how to gain notice for myself.

Does this mean I need to be neglectful in how I present myself to the world? To scorn makeup, tie my hair in a knot and dress in rags like "Somber Sally"? Absolutely not! In fact the same passage that describes a woman of beauty states, She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come. - (vs 25, NIV). My character can shine through the way I dress, the outward can be a reflection of the strength He provides in my heart. Unlike Sally, I can delight in the fun of shopping for those perfect pair of shoes (as long as I'm not going into debt to do it) because God is the creator of beauty and He delights when I take joy in the body He has given me.

Somber Sally works so hard at following the "rules" that she has forgotten that her strength and joy come only from the Lord (Nehemiah 8:10). And Superficial Sue, though the eye's delight, is probably even less happy than Sally. While I my only be a Jane, I pray that what is remembered of me is my shining smile, ready laughter, and beauty much more than skin deep.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

How do I Choose the Right Color?

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive about mineral makeup is, "How do I choose the right products and colors?"

First of all, I would encourage you to read product descriptions. Tara at AMM has done a wonderful job of giving very accurate descriptions of products and detailed suggestions about skin colorings each of our product colors are designed to compliment.

My next suggestion is to always start with samples. Our samples are under $3 each and you can order several for the price of just one product elsewhere, so this is a great way to "test drive" several different products and color selections.

As an example of what colors you might want to consider for different skin types, here are a few self-descriptions submitted by real customers and the product suggestions they have been given:

Customer #1

"I am medium fair skinned, warm or neutral. I am mostly looking for foundation, to cover reddish tones, maybe to cover eye circles. I also think it may be nice to have some kind of highlighter instead of blush, to add some color, warmth. What shades do you recommend I start with?"

Foundation: try samples of #3, #7, Light Beige and Medium Beige - If
none of these shades seems "perfect" on first try, mix various combinations until you find just the right shade you are looking for.

For extra coverage for problem areas (as well as aid in oil absorption if this is an issue for you), you might want to try a Concealer applied directly to trouble spots, under your foundation.
Our Light Green corrects redness without looking green and is great for blotches, acne, rosacea, sunburn or any redness. Bisque hides blemishes, red areas, dark circles or any other problem area of your face.

Highlighter options would include our Illuminizers (Reflection might be just the kind of shade you are looking for), Bronzers (try Grand) or some of our Exclusive Multipurpose Mineral shades such as Cotton Candy Brown, Fall, Lust, Sequoia, Snow Storm or Wish - Just remember to use a very light hand. A little goes a LONG way and it is always better to go back for a second light application than to try to "undo" too much!

Also consider Opaque Veil for a beautiful finish.

Customer #2

"I have light olive skin. I don't get a lot of sun, so it isn't as dark as it used to be. It still has what I call that "green" tint to it. I usually end up using a medium to light shade of makeup. Any suggestions would be great. I need a foundation, mineral veil, and blush. I know I can trust you to be honest with me, and not try to sell me something I don't need."

For foundation I would think your be our Medium Beige, though you might consider samples of both #3 and #7 and possibly even #5. Each one has a pretty valid description posted with it (follow the "Shop Now" link half way down my page at so you can read a bit more and see what you think of these specifically.

Blush is really up to your personal preference. Again the descriptions seem spot on as for how the colors act. You can also look at the Multipurpose shades as many of these make great blushes as well. If you can let me know if you prefer more pink or netral or brownish tones, I can give a couple of specific suggestions. :)

For Veil, even though it looks so strange, almost white, in the picture and even in person before you put it on, for ever single skin color I've tried it with, my actual favorite veil shade is opaque. I wouldn't have believed it until I tried it myself, but this one looks so much better even than a "matching" shade with everyone I've watched apply it! Since I haven't tried it on your skin, if you want to try a more matching shade as well, descriptions are posted by clicking on the "Mineral Veil Finishers" link to the left of my page.

Customer #3

"Very pale skin color, red pink - ugh! Makes me look ruddy! I burn like crazy in sun, big freckles... light tan, sick looking, need sand, bronze, kind of a wine color. Mauve is the color I used to use for blush and lipstick. Pinks and yellows make me look funny. I need concealer, foundation and a veil but i'm not sure where to start."

Start with the light green concealer to address redness. If you also want to cover the freckles, also try bisque.

For foundation, try our Light Beige or Medium Beigh next.

You could try either the tan or opaque veil (I tend to prefer opaque as a general rule).

Blush shades you might enjoy are Rose (it is a "wine" shade) or our Sweet Multipurpose. These can be used on both cheeks and lips. If you prefer a mauve, try Warm Mauve blush (can also be used for lips).

Customer #4
"I have alabaster ivory skin. Most foundations are either too yellow or too pink. I've purchased a lot of foundations that are the wrong color and am very hesitant to purchase products based on website pictures alone. I don't want to spend money trying a bunch of samples, I just want to order your $6.99 size and get started with the right color."

I am sorry you have had such a struggle finding a good shade of foundation. While I can appreciate your desire to jump right in and run with a full-sized product in the right shade, I am afraid you would simply run into the same frustrating wrong-shade issues once again. There are just too many shade variables from skin tone to skin tone to be able to make "blind" recommendations. You would never plan a wedding with the color "red" and expect to be able to order "red" items, sight-unseen, and have your bridesmaids dresses match your pew bows and candles wedding favors. "Red" is just to variable! Likewise, "ababaster ivory" is probably a great description for your skin shade, but it doesn't tell me everything I need to know to be able to make a perfect shade recomendation for you.

You know how it feels to find the wrong color over and over. I want you to love our products from the start by finding the shade that works perfectly for you, but I'm afraid this won't happen if you only give us one try. If you feel you absolutely must purchase a 5g sifter size from the start, I would encourage you to add a couple of other sample shades to your order as well. There are no hard and fast rules that say that you can only use products within one catagory for each purpose either. That way you have the best chance of finding out if there is a better match of if mixing shades together would work best for you! If you are willing to work with me long enough to find a shade that truly works for you, I would think you will be thrilled with the final outcome!

While I still stand by all I have already shared about the importance of sampling shades, you need a starting point to even begin sampling. Emma, one of our consultants who also describes herself as having alabaster skin, has found the following combination to work best for her coloring needs. Notice that her "foundation" comes from our "veil" line rather than from our foundations! "I use the Pink Veil as my foundation with my almost transparent skin tone. I have a pink undertone as opposed to a yellow undertone, but if I try to tan I turn yellow. It is such a soft, petal-like amount of pink that it blends my skin imperfections perfectly. Where I occasionally get a brighter pink blemish, I use the light green concealer to cover it, and it blends very nicely. I also love the Wish Exclusive Multimineral color as my "bronzer". Many people find this too pale, but it works great for me!"

Customer #5
"I am 62 years old and I have always loved wearing makeup, but am now concerned about the chemicals especially since I am allergic to many medications that are chemicals. I was a redhead (auburn) when I was young, but am rapidly turning gray. My mother was French, my dad German-Irish, so I had his red Irish hair mixed with the dark brown of my mother. My complexion is also a mixture of her olive complexion & his fair complexion so I am not totally olive skinned, but lean more towards those colors than the light ones. I also have some age spots that need to be concealed. A lot of makeups turn orange on me. I usually do well with beige & I like the pinkish brown blushes & lip colors. I look good in most colors except royal blue which makes me look ashen. I have bright green eyes. I usually don't wear eye shadow, but would if I could find something that doesn't make my eyes swell. What samples would you recommend that I try?"

Try medium or medium dark beige foundations as a starting place. Color/skin tone
description on the website are really good, so you might want to read a few other descriptions and see if there is another foundation color or two you want to try as well, to be sure you get the very best for your skin. I usually try matching color on the inside of my wrist and when I rub it into the skin and when I find a shade that does not show in the fine lines, that's my color! Sometimes you need to mix a couple of different shade together to get just the right combination.

For concealing, either our apricot or bisque consealer would probably work
best. Apricot works especially well with olive tones, but given that you aren't
"totally olive" you may want to sample the bisque as well. Again, it may be a
matter of mixing a couple of products to find your custom shade. If you have
any redness to hide, I would also encourage you to try the green - sounds crazy
but works really well on redness without giving your skin a green tint!

For a "pinkish brown" try our "Cotton Candy Brown" under "Exclusive
Multipurpose Minerals". I have lighter skin (wear our light beige) and also
like our Exclusive "Rosewood" shade but it isn't as brown and has maybe a deeper
shade to its pinkness. Between our blush line and our Exclusives line, we have
over 50 colors you can choose from, so have fun playing through the product
descriptions and photos and see what catches your fancy! I've also heard from others with skin tones close to your description that they like True and Warm Mauve Blushes. Our minerals are safe to use on lips as well. I either dip a wet lip brush in the powder and paint on, or put on a clear lip balm like our Moonlite Lip Glossy first and then apply a little powder with my finger.

I always finish my makeup application (or on a day I don't want to do anything
else I at least do this) with a Mineral Veil Finisher. While we do have a few
shades for you to try, my favorite on myself as well as every skin tone I have
worked with in person, has been our Opaque Veil. It's a little scary when you
first see it because it looks almost white and I was afraid it would be
clown-like, but using a very light hand, it just "melts" into your face and
gives you a soft glow without washing out color at all. For any of the full
face powders like the foundations and veils, application using a Kabuki style
brush gives the absolute best results, so if you are using a differnt kind of
brush, please know that you are not getting the most out of your makeup!

For your green eyes we offer several fantastic eyeliner pencils - would think
Gold or Cent would be especially pretty with your eyes, and possibly Amethyst as
well. If your eyes have any hazel/brown tones to their green, Chameleon from our Exclusive Multipurpose line across your eyelid and Intrigue (may be mixed with some Ebony if you desire) applied as eyeliner, should make your eyes pop beautifully! I don't wear much eye makeup myself (just a quick dusting of blush or bronzer across my lids usually), but to show you a few options I am borrowing an article about green eyes that was written by a fellow AMM consultant, Cherl. You may be especially interested in the "natural looking" tips half way down:

Using Amethyst (a bold purple shade) and a liner brush, line both the top and
bottom portions of the eye. To make the eye appear larger line only from the
center out on both portions. Leave the line thick and bold and dust with 14
Karat Gold or 24 Karat (Shimmering Minerals) on the upper lid.

Using Teal Shimmer (Shimmering Minerals) or Emerald (Exclusive Multipurpose
Minerals) and a liner brush, line the top and bottom lids with a very thin line.
Blend into a slightly thicker line with Charcoal Grey or Intrigue (both Multi
Purpose & Eye shadows) for a smoky effect, and use Pink Gem, Pink Shimmer, or
any peach/pink combination for eye shadow.

Using Harvest, Cinnamon Brown, or Cacao create a bold sweep of color on the top
lid. Smudge a much lighter, but complementary shadow under the eye and use as
the contour shade for the upper lid. Finish with a light, neutral shadow all
over (I suggest Bare or Cheers).

For Natural-Looking Beautiful Green Eyes
Subtle shadow and mascara draw attention to gorgeous green eyes. You don't
always have to go bold for green eyes to look incredible. You can also use eye
makeup to achieve a very natural look that makes your eyes stand out. Light
colors are typically more natural looking, so depending on your skin, hair, and
specific shade of green eyes, you may want to try peaches, pinks, tawny colors,
taupe’s, light coppers, matte golds, and subdued greens and lilacs for a
softer, sweeter, and more natural look.

A few other ways to get pretty green eyes without the made-up look:

Using your fingertip or q-tip, blend Bare or Cheers along the upper and lower
lash line. Curl lashes and finish with two coats of mascara one to two shades
darker than your natural lashes. This will give a lovely, very natural look that
still draws attention to your green eyes.

Dot a Penny (Shimmering Minerals) line along the upper eyelid and smudge gently
with your fingertip or eyeliner tool. Add a contour with a hint of green shadow,
highlight gently sweep a lighter, but complementary copper shade below the brow
bone. Use White ~ Matte on the inner part of the lower lid and teal shimmer or
Amethyst for brighter green eyes.

Wondering what colors you should try? If still in doubt, please feel free to ask! I hope to continue building this list with many more skin descriptions, so please feel free to reply with your coloring and help me build this resource! You may comment here or email me at innerbeauty AT affordablemineralmakeup DOT com (remove the spaces and repace AT with @ and DOT with .). If you have any trouble with that address (as a few have reported their emails bouncing) please try me at jennifer AT Saake DOT biz. I look forward to helping find just the right products to let YOUR inner beauty shine!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

15% Discount until Jan. 21.

In honor of Tara's 40 birthday (Affordable Mineral Makeup owner), take 15% OFF your Affordable Mineral Makeup order from now until January 21st at AMM/Inner Beauty Girls site by simply putting "40th" (wihout the quotes) in the coupon/discount section for an automatic 15% discount at checkout!!! ;D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keep Your Necklace in Place

I discovered a fun tip while getting ready for church on Sunday. My necklace was just a little too long for the neckline of the dress I was wearing, plus it had a tendancy to drift the clap around front on an annoyingly regular basis. So I took a safety pin, ran it through the eye of the clasp, then through the zipper pull at the back of my dress. This pulled the necklace back just enough so that it stayed at the length I wanted, plus it prevented the clasp from creaping to my throat. (I have long hair that covered the safety pin, so I don't know if this would work with shorter hair.)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wonder Cloth

First let me say that I am in no way affiliated with the following company. I just think they offer an amazing product and I have to share!

For Christmas my mom gave me something called a Wonder Cloth that claims to "Naturally Remove Make-Up Instantly" without the need for any other products. It came out of the box looking like a slightly fuzzy washcloth. I was skeptical but gave it a try.

I have to tell you, this thing is all it claims and more! Make from "a unique combination of Japanese plant pulp and 100% cotton fibers" it is designed to "remove all makeu-up, oils and pollutants ever so delicately - even the reddest lipstick or the blackest mascara." Upon closer reading the "Japanese plant pulp is simply Rayon and make up 60% of the fibers in this cloth. It cleans so well because of the straight fibers (what gave it the "fuzzy" look) that can get way down in pores. It is reusable and should last as long as a standard washcloth.

What really impressed me was the way my face felt so soft after washing with it. Then I watched all my makeup rinse totally clean and was reminded of Psalm 51 where the psalmists says God will wash our sins "whiter than snow". Their site even offers a video so you can see it for yourself. Ladies, give this one a try!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winner of Leave a Comment, Win Free Makeup

JoyLynn is the winner of my December "Leave a Comment, Win Free Makeup" contest. As a reward for the moment she spent leaving a question for me, she will be receiving a $10 Affordable Mineral Makeup gift certificate this month!!! JoyLynn will also have her question (and my answer) featured on this blog later in the month.

Keep checking in for your own chances to win free prizes! Leave me a comment any time. You never know when I might surprise you with a random gift. ;)