Saturday, November 28, 2009

With Thankfulness (and free makeup drawing)

I know this year my blog has mostly been sale spotlights, product information, and not nearly as much inspirational content as I would like to be sharing. In many ways it's been a "survivial" year for me due to ongoing health struggles, weekly hospital IV treatments and endless medical tests, appointments, bills, paperwork, phone calls and more.

There are days that I'm tempted to feel "poor me," but in all honesty, I am overwhelmed with just how blessed I am. I hope you don't mind indulging me in my list of beautiful blessings. At the end, I would love it if you would post yours as well. And if you stick with me to the very end, there's a special money saving blessing posted for you as well. ;)

- I have a God who loved me so much that He paid the ultimate price, the death of His only Son, to make me His child! (If you want to know more about that, please email me and I would love to share this beautiful story with you in more detail!)

- I live in a free country where I am a able to speak or post whatever's on my heart and (at least for now) to share my faith openly without fear of criminal pursecution.

- I have a loving husband who is faithful to me and support through all the "better" and "worse," the limited "health" and the frequent "sickness." (Watching friends go through widowhood, diviroce, and entended/unplanned singless, I do not take this blessing lightly at all!)

- I have three loving, healthy, beautiful children, blessings profoundly poinient to me after infertility and losses.

- We share the joy of homeschooling and I don't have to send my sweet treasures off into someone else's care for the larger portion of each day.

- My parents have lived less than 10 minutes away from us for over 2 years now and we are so thankful to have them near!

- My parents-in-law are also delightful people we are very blessed to have involved in our lives, living only an hour away and seeing usually on a weekly basis.

- We just enjoyed Thanksgiving with Rick's brother and family and my brother will be bringing his family to Reno for 10 days at Christmas. :)

- We have a church home where we truly have an extended family in Christ and can both give and receive ministry there.

- My husband is currently employed (again, something we don't take for granted) and we are blessed with health insurance that has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of treatment for me this year.

- There has been groundbreaking research in medicine this year that may be life-changing not only for me, but for millions around the world. Thank you!

- I have new glasses and can see again!

This is just the tip of the iceburg in my thankfulness list, but my point is, even when things are hard, just stopping to take a moment and actively seeking the good can surprise us with beautiful realizations of all we have. I truly would love to hear what you are thankful for right now. If you are struggling and can't find anything to list, please share with me how I may be praying for you as well. {{{hug}}}

Please share this post with your friends, because if I have at least 10 commeters post and join me as blog followers before the end of November, I will draw one name in early December and contact you to request a mailing address where I can send you some free makeup! :) (Don't forget to leave me a working email address when you post. If I can't easily contact you, I'll have to pick an alterate winner should your name be drawn.)

One more thing to be thankful for:
Affordable Mineral Makeup™ has dropped prices, making our line even more affordable than ever before. All 5g jars are now priced under $7, even our exclusive lines!
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I will also be placing my final Gurrlie Girl order of the year on Dec. 1, so if you are looking for beautiful, inspirationa jewelry for anyone on your list, please let me know before the end of the month.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Limited Edition Holiday Mineral Makeup

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ has come out with another great product, available in limited quantities, and just in time for the holidays. In fact, it's name is Holiday and this delightful shade offers various tones of gold shimmer with a touch of crimson shimmer and shine, great for cheeks, eyes, highlighting. Get a 5 gram sifter jar for just $7.04 at while supplies last!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Body Shop Grab Bags

I guess you could say I'm "advertising for the competition" tonight, but when I see a great deal that excites me, I can't help but want to share it with my friends...

The Body Shop is currently offering holiday Grab Bags that promise to have at least $50, and up to $75, worth of products in each bag. They are selling for $15.

I am a member of eBates, an online shopping rebate program. Right now eBates is offering a 10% rebate for all The Body Shop purchases made through their link.

There is a limit of 2 grab bags per customer. If you spend $50 on their website, standard shipping is free. But then I happened across the coupon code WEL103 that gives FREE shipping on any size order.

I placed my order on my Discover Card that is currently offering a double cash back bonus for online puchases between now and Christmas! So, my total for 2 grab bags (anywhere from $100-$150 worth of stuff I can use for the Christmas gifts) cost me just $32 and some change (I did have to pay sales tax, thus the $2+). I'll get 10% of the $30 purchase price back from eBates, and get cash back rewards from Discover too, so in the end I'll have spent around $25 for the whole thing!

The Grab Bags go fast, so if you are interested you can use the free shipping code of WEL103 and go right to The Body Shop's website. Or you can stack your promotions like I did by joining eBates through my link (we each automatically get $5 into our eBates accounts if you join and make a $20 purchase through their links within 90 days) to take advantage of your 10% rebate too.

As for credit cards, I go to the Discover Card website on a monthly basis and check what special offers they have going. While we always get cash back on our Discover purchases, most of the special extra rewards are not automatic, but can be easily requested on the credit card website through opt-in options. It's well worth the minute it takes me to log in, look around and enter the extra programs that often offer additiona 5% cash back or something similar.

Hope this gives someone a fun Christmas. My eBates referal link is if you need it. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vetran's Day Sale

From now until midnight (EST) on Friday the 13th, place an order of $30 or more and get 11% off your entire Affordable Mineral Makeup™ order at by using coupon code: vetsday

Additionally, Affordable Mineral Makeup™ is donating 11% to USO to support our troops. :)

A heartfelt thank you to all who serve for our country, both past and present! If you or someone you know is affiliated with the military in any way, please drop by for Christ-centered support and encouragement all year long. (This is the ministry my parents have served with for over 37 years.)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Discount Code & Limited Edition Colors

Affordable Mineral Makeup launched two new "limited edition" colors this month (avaliable until current supply sells out) and is also offer a special discount code good only until midnight EST tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 7), so you have about 28 hours from the time of my posting to take advantage of it.

First, it is my pleasure to share our two newest, limited-time availability colors with you, Calm and Cactus.

CalmCalm is a Semi-matte Multipurpose mauve shade with a touch of pale pink that works well on eye or can also be used as blush.

CactusCactus is a Pearlescent Multipurpose mineral with green-brown tones that are lovely on eyes.

The discount code for 10% off your entire order placed before midnight tomorrow night is:
This discount is a reflection of the company owner, Tara Burner, and her passion for the environment. You can learn more at and if you you post one face you learned from the link in your comments when you place your order, you will also receive a bonus gift with your order, in addition to the 10% discount. :)