Friday, November 6, 2009

Discount Code & Limited Edition Colors

Affordable Mineral Makeup launched two new "limited edition" colors this month (avaliable until current supply sells out) and is also offer a special discount code good only until midnight EST tomorrow (Saturday, Nov. 7), so you have about 28 hours from the time of my posting to take advantage of it.

First, it is my pleasure to share our two newest, limited-time availability colors with you, Calm and Cactus.

CalmCalm is a Semi-matte Multipurpose mauve shade with a touch of pale pink that works well on eye or can also be used as blush.

CactusCactus is a Pearlescent Multipurpose mineral with green-brown tones that are lovely on eyes.

The discount code for 10% off your entire order placed before midnight tomorrow night is:
This discount is a reflection of the company owner, Tara Burner, and her passion for the environment. You can learn more at and if you you post one face you learned from the link in your comments when you place your order, you will also receive a bonus gift with your order, in addition to the 10% discount. :)

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