Friday, May 23, 2008

12% Memorial Day savings!

Please allow me to help you with all your mineral makeup needs at where I'm offering a Memorial Day sale on Affordable Mineral Makeup™ products! This sale runs from now until midnight EST, Monday 5/26.

In order to process your order with a 12% discount off all purchases, you MUST use coupon code is 5301868 AND in the comment section you MUST write about the significance of this date (5/30/1868). We want to know what happened on that date or the real reason we celebrate Memorial Day. ("It's the first day of summer" won't count as a valid answer. :) ) This discount WILL NOT BE HONORED UNLESS you include your answer about Memorial Day. (If there is no answer, your order will not process and will remain pending until you email an answer.)

This is a win-win sale. You get a great discount while learning something new or taking a moment to remember and reflect on what you already knew about the purpose of this holiday. I'll even make it easy on you ;) since my friend has done the research and given you all the information you need at Memorial Meaning.

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