Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Surgery Update and Thanksgiving Sale

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On a personal note, I am sort of back on line in a very limited, touch-and-go capasity. My surgery went very well and I thank you all for your notes and prayers and encouragement. I have been able to walk short distances without assistance for about 3 days now and my parents even took me out of the house for breakfast and a hair cut this morning. My kids will be coming home tomorrow after nearly 2 weeks apart and my Mom's taking care of everything for Thanksgiving dinner that will supplement the pre-done turkey and trimmings we ordered from Safeway. We will be having a quiet December other than several doctor's appointments and my son's birthday party (he only has a "friends party" every 3 years so this is a really special one for him). I do have a couple of auto-posts set to post to my various blog (as was the prior post about inner beauty) and I'm still hopeful to be back to regular online activity by early January, but wanted to at least check in and let everyone know that recovery is going well so far.

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