Monday, September 14, 2009

Healthy Hair Care

I've been trying to learn about natural hair care for some time now and keep coming up rather short in the information I've been able to track down. Today I happened upon several articles from dkMommySpot and want to link them here as much as for my own future reference as for your information. As I take the time to play and experiment with these myself, I'll post my own update results in the future. :)

How to Darken (and Fight Gray) Hair Naturally with rosemary and sage

Apparently the hair darkening tip led the blog author into trying No Shampoo methods for hair cleaning and she posted several updates:
- Personal No 'Poo Challenge
- Day 12, Is Essential Oil the Answer?
- To 'Poo or Not to 'Poo 3 week update
- Sane Jane or Dirty Hairy? 5 week update, raw eggs, still experimenting
- Almost Threw in the Towel 4-month update, baking soda scrub, apple cider vinegar, and some lessons learned the hard way
Wow, I'm eager to do some more reasearch and maybe give "No 'Poo" a try myself. Any readers with experience in this area?

And one more post on hair from her page is this simple tip for Homemade Hairspray the Really Works


Ruth in the Desert said...

I tried using a routine of homemade soap followed by a vinegar rinse followed by a green tea rinse. My scalp got really really dry and flaky. Not good.

I've also tried using green tea instead of conditioner and that works quite well.

Ruth in the Desert said...

I do use baking soda to do a deep cleansing every month or so. I add a little nutmeg so it smells good.