Thursday, December 24, 2009

Most Beautiful Gift

Red-faced Baby, squalling in indignation at being pushed from the comfort of Him mother's womb.

An animal's food dish and some strips of rags, the nursery to welcome the newborn King.

A young mother's heart, trembling in wonder, and maybe a little fear, at all that has happened and all that lays ahead.

Brave Joseph, willingly accepting the name "father" and choosing faith over doubt.

Father in Heaven, heart overflowing with love and anguish for His Son and for all of us, the children He is paying the ultimate Price to call His own through adoption.

Angles splitting the barrier between Heaven and earth with mighty proclamations of joy, peace and praise.

Shepherds, first awe-struck, now giddy, rush to find the Lamb.

Learned men from the East follow a star, kings' journey to humbly bow before a Child.

2,000 years later, it isn't the pile under our tree, but rather the Tree and Empty Tomb that thrill my heart on this Christmas Eve.

Praying that every heart will know the true beauty of the Reason for this season. Merry CHRISTmas!

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