Monday, June 14, 2010

One Size?

My dear friend Holley Gerth is currently posting a series on God-sized Dreams. I'm thrilled to welcome Holley here as a guest blogger today:
God-sized dreams...aren't one size fits all

Vintage dress pattern photo by Laineys Repertoire (flickr) My friend Kim and I ventured out for a little resale shopping recently. One particular store had a hot pink neon sign, loud music, and gum-popping teenagers behind the counters.

I tried on my usual size but it seemed those jeans must have been designed for Barbie. At any rate, my hips weren't having any of it.

So I reached for a shirt that looked more like a bib. That was followed by a dress that would have barely covered my bellybutton. Ahem.

When it comes to dreams, it seems to go much the same way. I think, "Oh, that dream looks so cute on her! I want that one too!" So I try it on and it doesn't fit my heart any better than those jeans fit my hips.

I keep trying other dreams until I sink to the floor of life's dressing room in discouragement. Or worse yet, I go out looking like someone Stacey and Clinton should nab for What Not to Wear as quickly as possible.

But I'm learning something beautiful. Although God's dreams aren't one size fits all like I sometimes wish they could be, He's created particular ones just for us and they fit who we are perfectly.

We don't have to settle for off-the-rack dreams or someone else's discards. No, ma'am, we've got a divine tailor who does nothing but high end, one-of-a-kind couture.

True God-sized dreams feel like they're made just for you...

because they are.

And you're made just for them, just for Him, too.

Now that's simply stunning.
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Holley Gerth has a masters degree is counseling and is an award-winning writer and editorial director for DaySpring with more than ten years of experience in the publishing industry. Her first devotional book, Rain on Me: Devotions of Hope and Encouragement for Difficult Times is available online and in bookstores. She’s also the author of over 2,000 cards, as well as several devotionals, articles, journals, and books. Holley is passionate about bringing hope to the hearts of women. You’re invited to visit her online at Heart to Heart with Holley at

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