Thursday, February 10, 2011

What to Wear...Put on Love

One of my favorite online communities is (In)Courage, a "home for the hearts of women." Today Kristen Welch of "We are THAT family" posted a delightful post about Your Basic All Purpose Garment. She writes:
Before Jesus, we wore ill-fitted, dirty clothes. (Basically a bad episode of WHAT NOT TO WEAR).

After meeting Jesus, we’ve been dressed in a new wardrobe. Every item, custom-made to fit us perfectly, by The Master Tailor. We wear His label. And we look fine, I might add.

But then we have a bad day. The alarm doesn’t go off, we wake up late, we’re rushing around. We go for convenience and ease and slip on our old clothes: impatience, unkindness and judgment. We layer up in jealousy, gossip and low self esteem...
Read the rest and be refreshed over at (In)Courage today!

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