Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Two Newest Ventures

I've stared two new ventues this week. The first is a new blog called Harvesting Hope from Heartache™ at
My desire with this site is to offer encouragement and build a library of support/resource links for life's most painful seasons such as chronic illness, losses (job, friendships, plans/dreams, marriage, deaths), financial struggles, depression and so forth. The first two (oldest two) links share the story of why I feel led to start this page and the reason behind the theme of Hope Harvesters™.

My second announcement is that I have finally (after more than a year of consideration) decided to become a Consultant with Gurrlie Girl™, a line of Christian jewelry and fashion items. I love their many beautiful designs that let me share my faith in a quiet and confident way. They have an extensive offering of Scripture Bracelets with Bible verses incorporated into the designes, along with pendants, necklaces and other pieces offering cross, fish and other classic Christian signs. They also have many lovely pieces that are not obviously Christian, yet still beautiful. The prices are quite reasonable, with many pieces well under $20.

To view the catalog online or learn more, please visit me at - I'm currently looking for some catalog show hostesses and offer great hostess gifts!

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