Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty of Sisterhood

I came across a delightful post this week. It's much more about inner beauty than outward beauty, but I wanted to share it with you all because it made me reflect on the many beautiful friends/sister I have made through the internet over the years, especially through Hannah's Prayer but not only there. My life is truly richer for all the "sisters" God has given me. If you are one, thank you!!!

Take a moment to enjoy You Know You're a Sister When... at (Note to my sisters stuggling with infertility, prengnacy and motherhood are mentioned in this article, so be prepared. But it was in her description of post-partum depression that I most related, not only for my own journey of post-partum depression, but in the same kind of life-giving, life-saving, life-enriching sisterhood of support described here that I found from you all in the midst of our infertility joureny.)

And we are talking about sisters, drop by my post at to join in the sisterhood of blogging women who are celebrating this weekend. :)

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thebeadgirl said...

Thank you so much for linking to my post!

The sisterhood I have experienced online is so amazing...and such a huge blessing to me.

When I was truly in the depths of depression I didn't want anyone at my front door, I didn't want to "go out"...but when I "stayed in" God brought these beautiful women to me. I am just so grateful.

SO again, thank you!