Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shampoo Free

You may remember about a year ago I tried to go all-natural with my hair care. I posted To Poo or Not to Poo and gave it a good go, but since I was living with a PICC (deep vein semi-permanent IV) line in my arm for several months at that time, it just became more than I could manage. I caved and went back to those nasty old, chemically laden shampoos.

After having had a chunk of skin cut off my scalp last week (am currently waiting for biopsy results to see if it is cancer or not), I'm ready to pursue another No-Poo Challenge. Coming across just such a challenge on the Feelin' Feminine blog last night, then following links to learn more from Kate and finding additional Poo-Free recipes, I'm ready to give it all another try. Today I think I'll start by trying Jocelyn's egg wash.

I plan to give this method a try for at least two weeks then will updated about my progress. (I may be in a swimming pool this weekend and wonder if there are any special tips for chlorine but guess I will have to figure that out as I go.)  I truly would love to find a natural hair-care method that works for me.

Have you experimented with natural hair care? What have been your results? Any suggestions or tips you would like to share?  Anyone want to join me on a hair-care makeover?


Lisa Buffaloe said...

I would love to find a chemical free shampoo. Please let us know what you find.

I'm praying for good news from your biopsy.

Stephanie said...

Will keep you in prayers for your tests to come back clean...and welcome to the No-Poo challenge:)


Anonymous said...

yes let us know what you find! And I will definitely be keeping your biopsy in my prayers Jenni...hugs and prayers always!

Carissa said...

Yup I have experimented with natural hair care and been using natural liquid soap for shampoo since January. I am looking forward to trying a dead sea mud mask on my hair when my dead sea mud arrives!