Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fit Feet

I've found a lot of my beauty tips by reading books, exploring other websites, and experimenting on my own at home. One of the most fun foot care tips I've come across is from Skin Care Recipes And Remedies. I honestly haven't even tried this one yet (because I don't currently have dry, cracked feet), but there is a claim on their website that soaking your feet in pickle juice nightly will soften and repair dry cracked feet within a matter of days! Now, I don't know if they are talking dill pickles (that would be my first guess) or sweet pickles or some other kind, and I'm not sure my hubby would think pickle juice to be the best smell as we crawled into bed (LOL), but I'm eager to give this one a try this summer, if for no other reason than it means I get to eat all those pickles just to get to the juice! You can find a great selection of other natural foot care remedies from the Skin Care Recipes site here.

For a refreshing foot soak, my favorite treats are Tea Tree Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil mixed in warm water. (Start with boiling water, add a about 3 drops of each essential oil, then cool until a comfortable temperature.) Tea Tree oil has many healing properties and is great at fighting fungal infections such as athlete's foot, while peppermint is very refreshing. Salt soaks can help releave swelling. Some like to use chopped parsley in foot soakes for their antibacterial effect and to help with circulation, while others find Lavender to be a very relaxing addition to a foot soak.

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JennGB said...

i wonder if it works because pickle brine is mostly salt water? My DH likes dill pickles, so maybe he wouldn't mind me coming to bed with pickled feet :)

Anonymous said...

First thing I thought of was Pickled pig feet! Yuck! LOL! I wonder if it really works... Thanks for the search info. I'll be checking it out! Having so much fun Jenni!


Anonymous said...

The site with the link had many foot recipes. I shall try a soak soon thanks.


Matt and Talley Mac said...

Interesting!! and um, gross.

Honestly, I put A&D ointment on at night! Totally revitalizes and softens my feet. And I have horrible cracked flip-flop-florida-feet.. (say that 3 times real fast)


Angelina Talley said...

Jenni, I love you, but I don't think there is much you could do to convince me to soak my feet in pickle juice! I can't think of a smell I hate more than pickles! Ugh! But, peppermint and tea tree oil, that sounds really nice!

Anonymous said...

I love pickles, but not sure I would want pickle smelling feet. It may be worth a try though


Anonymous said...

My niece has dearly loved pickles since she was little (she now has her own kids) I am going to see if she will do the pickle soak.

ForestGreen said...

Thanks for the tip about the Tea Tree oil and peppermint tea foot soak. I cannot wait to try this on my aching feet.

I have bookmarked your blog to read about more tips soon!