Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recovering from our Relaxation!

You know that feeling of "I need a vacation to recover from my vacation?" Well, that's pretty much how I've been feeling since Sunday night! Wow, am I ever exhausted!!!

I did get a chance to use the Random.org website last night to select winners for each prize and will be emailing contest sponsors and winners later this evening to connect you with each other. I'll be posting a winner's list by tomorrow evening. Sometimes my emails don't seem to get where they are supposed to go, so if you don't get a winner's email from me, be sure to check the winner's list announcement and email me right away if you think you have missed a notification! Any prizes that remain unclaimed by Friday may be redrawn for new winners.

In addition to the 11 gifts offered through specific drawings this past Weekend, I also drew names for about ten more of you who will be receiving emails from me offering you a copy of the small book Childless: The Hurt and the Hope, by Beth Spring. This is an older title, now out of print, but a very helpful, compact resource for anyone dealing with inferitlity. If you receive this email offer from me, you are welcome to accept it for yourself or to give me the name and address of a friend you feel it might bless and I will send it to them on your behalf.

Thank you for your patience as I recover from such a whirlwind weekend! I'm still working my way back through all the wonderful comments and feedback and will be addressing some of your individual questions in future blog posts. :)

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