Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Servanthood

In reading the story of the last supper this week, something jumped out at me. On the night that Jesus would be betrayed, tried and sentenced to crucifixion, right there in the midst of the culmination of the greatest mission He had been sent to fulfill, then and there He stopped everything to wash the feet of His apostles.

I often serve others in the name of Christ. I often try to accomplish big things for God. But how often am I willing to set my important agenda to the side to simply be a servant right then and there in the middle of my big plans?

Too often I brush aside requests to "play a game with me Mommy" as I'm busy rushing around to get out the door to my "important" meetings. When was the last time I pulled over to help someone with a flat tire even though it would make me late to church?

I am more likely to serve when it's convenient, when it fits in my time frame and well-laid plans without squeezing me uncomfortably. But in looking at Christ's example as he wrapped a towel around His waist just hours before He headed to the cross, I saw with fresh eyes this week that beautiful servanthood is the uncomfortable kind that I "don't have time for" and doesn't fit in my neat little schedule.

I'm praying that God continues showing me such truths, to "makeover" my heart as He helps me put them into practice in my life, blossoming me into a woman of beauty, inside and out.

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